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Hunter Moving And Storage
3789 E. US 223
Adrian, MI 49211
United States

Phone: (517)-263-1859

Safeway Moving and Storage
4802 Hunt Rd
Adrian, MI 49221
United States

Phone: (517) 265-1368

New Location Movers and Storage

Detroit, Wayne, Macomb and Oakland County Movers and Storage

White Star Movers
35956 Mound Rd
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
United States

Phone: (866) 882-7000

Website: White Star Movers

Grand Rapids

Big Lake Movers
654 Crofton St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
United States

Traverse City

Denoyer Brothers Moving & Storage
2920 Cass Rd
Traverse City, MI 49684
United States

Bay City

Laracey House Movers
33 Spruce Ridge Dr
Bay City, MI 48706
United States

Phone (989) 684-1617

Helpful Moving Infomation

So, for whatever reason you’ve decided you need to move from or to another location in Adrian. This is just the beginning of what will become a hectic and stressful time. But so long as you attack this project with a clear plan in place (and do your homework) it will proceed smoothly and without incident.

Four to Six Weeks prior to your move:

There are a number things you can do long before the actual moving date. As far out as a month before your move you should give consideration to hiring a moving company. This is an important task and most moving companies are willing to assist you with packing solutions for a wide variety of items such as furniture and delicates. Some will even pack up your former residence for you. They also likely have packing supplies available for purchase including boxes and protective material.

It’s never too early to begin cleaning out your closets, garage and attic. In other words, any items that you do not use on a daily basis can be packed long before your intended moving date. Likewise, long neglected items in your basement and any other long term storage areas can be cleaned out and their items either packed for the move or discarded.

One good way to liquidate items you no longer use is to hold a garage sale or make donations to charity. Many communities hold recycling events for no longer used electronic devices. Many clubs hold used equipment sales that may benefit from what you’d gladly part with prior to your move.

If you have children you’ll need to give some thought to transferring their school records. You’ll also need to obtain change of address cards from the local post office. If you are tech savvy you can also do this online. You’ll also need to notify any mail subscription companies you belong to, such as newspapers, magazines, charge accounts, insurance companies, clubs and all other organizations you get regular mail from of your change of address.

Another smart practice, if possible, is to obtain the owner's manual for all appliances in your new home. Manuals for nearly every electronic device and appliance can be found on the Internet by using a simple Google search.

Two weeks prior to your move: If you decide to pack yourself, label all moving boxes as you go. Write the destination room on the top and sides of each box to ensure it gets to the correct location in your new home. If you’re pressed for time, or too overwhelmed with the process, some moving companies offer full-service packing.

Make a ‘survival closet’ of short term items you might need for the final clean-up and include snacks and supplies for the unexpected. Think ahead to anything you may need quick access to, once your items are safely packed away they will become difficult to locate until you’ve arrived at your new home and begin the process of unpacking.

Schedule disconnects for utilities such as gas, electric and water as well as any subscription services you may have such as newspapers, Internet, cable TV, security, pest control, cleaning help, lawn maintenance and any other services you receive. If you have a landline, do not disconnect it until after your move. Likewise, begin the process of scheduling the connection of all the same utilities for your new residence.

The week of your move:

If you haven’t already, be sure to mail in your change of address forms. Do any last minute cleaning such as the stove and microwave. Finish up packing and be sure all items are boxed and ready to go prior to the mover’s arrival.

On the day before your move clean the refrigerator and defrost and dry the freezer. Be sure you have plenty of cash to tide you over in case of emergency. Cash comes in handy if you need to order pizza, drinks or anything else while you are actively moving in … and don’t forget to say goodbye to your neighbors …

On the day of your move:

Pack your suitcase with all necessary essentials to get you through the next few days in case you are unable to unpack immediately. Be sure you’re present when the movers arrive so you can walk them through the home and indicate what you need moved or anything in particular they should be aware of.

Once all belongings are loaded onto the moving truck, be sure to do one final walkthrough to be sure you’ve not forgotten anything. Lock all the windows and outside doors and check to be sure the lights and thermostat are off before heading to your new home.

Additional items you might consider if you are moving a business:

  • Clean out closets, extra meeting rooms and file cabinets.
  • Host a community sale or donate unneeded items to charity.
  • Notify your building owner, clients, charge accounts and other organizations of your change of address.
  • Consider updating software or other communication technology.
  • Label your boxes according to person and/or item.
  • Cancel or transfer security, cleaning help, lawn and/or indoor maintenance and any other services you receive.
  • Spend some time designing a floor plan of the cubicles in your new office to maximize the space of your floor layout.
  • Encourage employees to clean out their spaces.
  • Disconnect copiers, computers, printers and any other electronic items.
  • Conduct a pre-move conference with managers.
  • Alert all employees to their roles and responsibilities during and immediately following the move.
  • Limit employee participation on moving day.
  • Moving your home or business is undoubtedly a stressful time but if you manage your possessions and time effectively you will undoubtedly have a positive moving experience.